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Wake up, ex-handball players! Wake up, veterans! In the past, you won a lot of matches, also you lost many times, but when you decide to play in your forties or fifties – the name of your team is WINNERS.Masters Handball World Cup 2017 in Omis (Croatia) which will be held between April 28 and May 1 2017, has vision to motivate all the ex-handball players to come back on the playing court which means a life to many of us for a decades.WAKE UP YOUR HANDBALL ENERGYDo you remember THAT feeling when you were happy to score goals, make tricky shots and no look passes? When you were joyful with ball in your hands? It’s time to refresh your handball energy, feelings and memories – to play again. OK, it will be slower, but some things will never be forgotten.http://www.mhworldcup.comMEET OLD HANDBALL FRIENDS AND RIVALSHow many times you were happy for a victory and sad after losing match? Your team-mates and your rivals have another meaning in the world of Masters handball. Meet them, play with them, spent fantastic time together before, during and after matches. At the end of a Day, you are all winners.YOUR JOYFUL  HANDBALL WEEKEND ON THE SEAOmis, lovely place in the middle of lovely Dalmatia 20 km near fantastic cirty of Split. Adriatic Coast, sunny weather, colorful spring, smell of sea and handball.  You will have chance to play only few meters from Adriatic sea. The best possible place to do it.PLAY IN TWO BRAND-NEW HALLSHandball veterans deserve the best possible conditions for playing World Cup. That’s why in Omis you will play at two brand-new halls – ready to welcome old handball stars all around world. Sports halls are made according highest standards.THE „THIRD HALF-TIME“ IS SOMETIMES MOST IMPORTANTHandball is the most beautiful sport on the Earth. But, time after a good handball match is even better! Long days and long evenings are ahead of guest of Omis. Organizers prepare „ice-breaking“ parties which will stay in your memories forever.MEET A REAL HANDBALL LEGENDSMasters Handball World Cup 2017 will be place of gathering handball stars. We will never forget many of them.Many of them were world class players and they now just want to enjoy time with friends and throw some balls between the posts.  We will ensure that some of them share their experience to all those handball old guys and young girls, who didn’t meet them before.WIN AWARDSThe last but not least are AWARDS! All Masters Handball World Cup 2017 Awards will be designed and dedicated to HANDBALL LEGENDS who aren’ with us anymore or they are, but MHWCh 2017 would like to praise their work and influence on all of us. Stay tuned to discover what MHWCh 2016 preparing for April [email protected]’S TIME FOR YOU! Masters Handball World Cup in Omis (Croatia) in April-May 2017 Masters Handball World Cup 2017 ← Previous Story Zebras’ sweet revenge in Flensburg! Next Story → A Film about legendary Igor Turchin read more