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first_imgSource: Bartcop6. Say it with us: WWOPD?Source: Crazy Funny Pictures7. He really doesSource: Picfun8. But presumably as soon as possible would be preferableSource: Pinterest 9. THE REAL ISSUES OF OUR DAYSource: Ign.com10. Can’t argue with thatSource: About.comAnd finally…He said it best.Read: 15 of the best protest signs from two decades of gay marriage protests>Read: 13 pictures of humans hugging animals that will make you feel better> DOWN WITH THIS sort of thing.Careful now.1. It’s a valid pointSource: Facebook/Marriage Equality2. Surely we can just use the light on our phone?Source: About.com3. He knows his New TestamentSource: About.com4. This is an issue we can all get behindSource: The Chive5. The ironing is deliciouslast_img