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first_imgJennicet Gutiérrez disrupting President Obama.How should the progressive or the immigrant rights movement respond to the Democratic Party’s policies and actions on immigration?Jennicet Gutiérrez has shown how.On June 24, Gutiérrez, a Mexican transgender woman, boldly and courageously took center stage at the White House when she called out her concerns on migrant detentions so that President Barack Obama could hear her.Gutiérrez was attending a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Pride event hosted by President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House. The people in attendance were LGBTQ advocates and activists, many of whom surely stood in front of the Supreme Court two days later to celebrate the victory of same-sex marriage rights.As Obama began to deliver his speech, Gutiérrez interrupted him.She declared: “President Obama, release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention. … I am tired of the violence we’re facing.”What ensued from the audience was unfortunate. Gutiérrez was booed and heckled by LGBTQ people who yelled out to Obama that they loved him and agreed with the President in having her taken out by security. Obama responded to her that she should be quiet because she was in his house.But Jennicet Gutiérrez did the right thing.Many mainstream LGBTQ groups subsequently derided Gutiérrez for her disruption. But groups invited to the White House are by nature going to be adverse to such a disruption as they are social-democratic groups thoroughly tied to the Democratic Party. Most mainstream LGBTQ groups, unfortunately, remain loyal to the Democrats.But the Democratic Party should be exposed for its complicity on immigration. It should also be taken to task for stalling for decades for even such a basic civil right as same-sex marriage.Detention is big businessDespite some modest efforts, even by Obama himself and many Latino/a and African-American Democrats, their efforts on immigrant rights have been far from enough.In fact, Obama has deported more people under his administration than any other U.S. president. Furthermore, because of their ties to the capitalist system, the Democrats are incapable of addressing the crisis of migration in a real way.Not a single policy on immigration, for example, has dealt with the root causes of migration. These include pro-U.S. corporate economic policies, state-sponsored repression in countries like Mexico, Honduras and Haiti, and Pentagon intervention abroad. As long as these policies hold, workers will be forced to migrate to the U.S.In the U.S., the detention of immigrant workers continues unabated and is part of a cruel and unusual punishment.“The detention of immigrants has become big business and a source of profit,” said Silky Shah, co-director of Detention Watch Network, in a newly issued report. “Local quotas with private contractors and the infrastructure of detention itself have driven this market: all at a huge expense to families detained arbitrarily and to taxpayers footing the bill.”In fact, detaining entire migrant families has become an increasingly alarming practice. More and more families, including babies and children, are being held with their parents in detention centers.For trans immigrants, detention can easily become a horror, as Gutiérrez pointed out.During an interview with Fox Latino after her heroic White House action, Gutiérrez was asked to talk about the abuse she is fighting against. “I spoke to a trans woman from Guatemala who was detained for seven months in a Santa Ana [Calif.] ICE [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] detention center and she was in so much pain [from] … the inhumane treatment that she was receiving … and this is the kind of consciousness I wanted to bring out to the President. These stories are not uncommon, yet we hardly hear of them in the media.”Gutiérrez, who is undocumented, is a founding member of “Familia: TQLM” [Trans Queer Liberation Movement], an immigrant rights organization.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

first_imgGrateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh will return to the East Coast in February, playing a pair of exciting shows at the Brooklyn Bowl. On February 12-13, Lesh will be in the house with his Terrapin Family Band, bringing a taste of the Dead to the renowned New York venue.Though Lesh typically plays The Capitol Theatre during his East Coast runs, recent performances have been a nice change of pace. After playing at the new Coney Island Amphitheater last summer, the bassist will play once more at the Brooklyn Bowl. His band will include Grahame Lesh, Alex Koford and Ross James, who comprise what is essentially the house band at Terrapin Crossroads. Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band have also been announced for the 2017 LOCKN’ Festival lineup.For more information on these two shows, head here.last_img read more

first_imgNjemačko gospodarstvo zbog nedostatka radne snage trpi desetke milijardi eura gubitaka, stoga Njemačka vlada priprema novi –  zakon o imigraciji kojem je cilj privući i kvalificiranu radnu snagu iz trećih država, budući da radna snage Europske unije ne zadovoljava potrebe najvećeg europskog gospodarstva, piše MojPosao.net.The point is that German companies can very easily bring in a college-educated expert from abroad, but a much harder-to-skilled worker with a high school education. And this is exactly the type of employee the German industry needs the most.The first problem that then arises is that the employer has to prove that there are no workers in the German market who can fill that job. Another problem is that without major problems they can hire a foreigner only if his occupation is on the list of deficient. Under the bill, both of these restrictions will be lifted. This reflects the fact that labor shortages are not only isolated to professionals as they once were, but are much broader and include a multitude of jobs that do not require a college degree.According to official data, 1,2 million jobs are currently being created in Germany, and the Institute of Economics (IW) estimates that 440.000 vacancies cannot be filled by workers living in Germany and that the economy loses 30 billion euros a year due to labor shortages.The situation is particularly difficult in the country’s industrial south, where the unemployment rate is only two percent in some parts, so the government has unveiled a bill it hopes will take effect later this year, which removes the biggest hurdle for employers.Jobs will soon be created or have already been created in Slovenia and Austria, ie the bans on the employment of foreign labor, which all offer better working conditions and better salaries than in Croatia, will be lifted, which will certainly be an additional blow to domestic businessmen who chronically labor shortage in tourism. The only solution to the problem of labor shortage is to improve working conditions and increase wages, there is no other quality and sustainable alternative.Will we figure it out until it’s too late, if not already?Related news:IS IT POSSIBLE TO INCREASE SALARIES IN TOURISM BY 30%?last_img read more