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← Previous Story PHOTO NEWS: They are the best fans! Next Story → Barca revenge in Flensburg in clash with 70 goals RK VardarSkopjeveszprem MKB MVM Veszprem have celebrated the biggest away victory in current season! Team of Antonio Carlos Ortega beat RK Vardar in Skopje 24:23 (13:11) with the winning goal of Momir Ilić from 7 meter 10 seconds before the final whistle. In an amazing finish, Macedonian team supported by 6.000 loud fans in „Jane Sandanski“ had clear situation to win, but Roland Mikler saved the 7 meter throw of Matjaž Brumen 90 seconds before the end with 23:22 for Vardaron scoreboard.Punishment came in the next two attacks. Firstly, Chema Rodriguez score equalizier 50 seconds until the end (23:23), while in the next Vardar’s attack, Christian Ugalde stole the ball to Matjaž Brumen, who caught him and deserved red card 12 seconds until the end. Icelandic refferes gave 7 meter throw to Veszprem, as Ugalde was fouled in counter attack.Momir Ilić scored his sixth goal against Arpad Šterbik, what was enough for a big celebration of Veszprem’s fans and silence of  home crowd…The TOP scorer was Igor Karaćić with 8 goals for Vardar.In the first match of the Group, RNL beat Celje PL 31:27. read more