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Rabat – A world leader in electronic payments, Visa announced that its Moroccan cardholders will now be able to enjoy Contactless Payments.Holders of a contactless Visa card will now be able to pay for their purchases by simply tapping their contactless Visa card or payment-enabled device on the checkout terminals, currently being installed at various sales points.The contactless payment system reduces the process of payment to a mere half second, says VISA in a  statement. The company explained that to validate a payment, it would be enough to bring your Visa card closer than four centimeters to a checkout terminal. The new technology is protected by multiple layers of security and eliminates any risk of unauthorized transactions, underlines the same source.“Contactless technology is becoming more and more widespread around the world and, as a leader in electronic payment, we strive to provide the latest digital payment technologies,”  said Sami Romdhane, General Manager of Visa International Morocco.Visa’s Tap and Pay system offers huge benefits to both merchants and customers, allowing for more transactions over significantly shorter periods of time. “It also offers consumers a fully secure and transparent payment experience,” Romdhane added.“The Moroccan Interbanking Center (CMI) fully supports the adoption of contactless payment in Morocco. We already have more than 13,000 terminals equipped with this system, including malls, all BIM stores and the majority of CMI affiliated merchants selling small items or services,” said Mikael Naciri, General Manager of CMI.“The plan is that by the end 2018, we want the system is to reach 20,000 terminals,” he continued. read more