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first_imgThe windows of the white Kia Spectra were rolled down, but it was dark, hard to see the driver and front seat passenger.Vancouver police Sgt. Jay Alie approached the driver’s side door, asking the man to turn off the engine.“OK,” the driver mumbled, not looking at the officer.Suddenly, the man lurched forward, his head near the console, as his passenger turned and pointed a semiautomatic pistol at Alie.“I saw nothing but a barrel and a set of eyes,” Alie told jurors Wednesday.The gun fired. Alie dove to the ground.“I thought I was shot in the face,” he said. “I’m sure I screamed. … That second seemed to hang.”Alie’s testimony in Clark County Superior Court came on the first day of the trial of Daylan E. Berg and Jeffery S. Reed. The Portland men are charged with first-degree attempted murder, among other charges, in the shooting of Alie following an April 15, 2009, home-invasion robbery in Vancouver’s McLoughlin Heights. Alie, who had responded, was not badly injured; he was wearing a ballistic vest.His testimony came late in the afternoon and was cut short before cross-examination. He will take the stand again this morning for questioning by defense attorneys.That night, Alie said he was near 18th Street and Devine Road when he heard a call on his police radio about a robbery on Delaware Lane.Near the robbery, he saw a silver car parked in the middle of the road. Stopping to check, a Kia Spectra whizzed past at a high rate of speed. Because it matched the description of the suspects’ vehicle, Alie made a U-turn and followed the car.Still, “I didn’t know if this was just someone speeding through the neighborhood, or, ‘are we about to go into a pursuit?,’ ” Alie said.last_img read more