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first_imgIn industries that deal with copyright, The Pirate Bay had may as well be a legion of super villains. When members of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) preach about how much their (booming) businesses are being damaged by piracy, The Pirate Bay is usually the prime recipient of their ire.Make no mistake: the torrent tracking site does grant free access to countless songs, albums, TV shows, and movies. But the site also helps artists by increasing exposure. In the face of increasing criticism of file sharing, The Pirate Bay is amping up its efforts to promote artists with a new platform that will make it easier for artists to feature their music on the site.The Pirate Bay’s new artist promo campaign is similar to Google Doodle. The torrenting site has previously replaced its logo to highlight internet censorship issues or indie bands, but now it is building the feature into a bigger, more organized part of the site.Artists ranging from musicians and movie producers to comedians or comic book artists are invited to submit their doodle image. The artists can pick three countries where they’d like their music to be seen. They can also send a link to their websites, where visitors will be redirected if they click on the doodle. The only thing that The Pirate Bay asks in return is that the artists post their work on The Pirate Bay.While some would bristle at the idea of offering their work for free, it can be an effective strategy. In the performing arts, exposure is paramount. Even when their albums or films are available for free, there will always be a million ways for artists to make money (merchandise, touring, web advertising, future sales). Artists like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, and author Paulo Coelho have willingly embraced The Pirate Bay; this promotion will encourage others to do the same.Of course this promotion is also a smart line of defense for The Pirate Bay. If SOPA (or similar copyright industry legislation) passes, then the site will be squarely in the crosshairs of the Department of Justice. If the site has an increased presence in the (willful) promoting of artists, it can point to that as a way that the industries would be worse off without it.The Pirate Bay, via TorrentFreaklast_img read more