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first_imgIt’s official: the new iPad is the first iOS device to have LTE. The Verizon and AT&T versions of the new iPad will ride on the carriers’ speedy 4G networks.After bandying about the rumor mill for months, we saw a steady stream of recent leaks that all pointed to LTE, and now it’s confirmed. LTE networks can reach speeds that can rival or beat home broadband connections.In the announcement Phil Schiller took the stage to detail the adoption of LTE. He compared it with HSPA, telling us what we already know: that LTE eats HSPA for breakfast.There will be separate versions for AT&T LTE and Verizon LTE (as they use different bands). Both versions will roam globally on 3G though.Of course you’ll need to live in an area where LTE is available. This will be more of an issue for AT&T than Verizon, as Big Red’s network was rolled out months before AT&T’s. Many rural customers will be left out of the LTE fun, regardless of how mature the networks are. Be sure to check your local availability before throwing down for the LTE version. The LTE version of the new iPad also supports 3G networks.LTE in the new iPad all but guarantees that the iPhone 5 (or whatever it’s ultimately called) will also have LTE. As many customers opt for WiFi-only versions of tablets, that will be where the real splash is made. For those who frequently use their iPads on the go, however, today’s announcement could be just as big.Developing…last_img read more