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first_img Anti-Black Panther Group Shut Down, Stan Lee is OK & More MCU NewsThe Future of Marvel’s Stars, Possible New Arrivals & More MCU News Stay on target As we get closer to Logan‘s release, we’ll surely start to see even more clues from the visual and cryptic filmmakers, who’ve been hinting at the film’s plot for months.So it’s unsurprising that director James Mangold tweeted a video Wednesday morning providing even more clues to what’s going to occur. In this one, we get more insight into Laura Kinney, or X-23’s, back story, which involves some grizzly experiments and, in typical R-rating fashion, a lot of blood.In the purposely grainy, NSFW video (also putting a trigger warning here for self-harm), we see Laura during experimentation, going through a surgical procedure that we can assume is what gives her the adamantium claws. There are machines hooked up that monitor cellular and tissue regeneration, which we see in action at the end of the clip as Laura slices her arm open, only to watch it heal instantly.center_img …laura.mov pic.twitter.com/ZbcNiN8Jzl— Mangold (@mang0ld) February 15, 2017One of the more intriguing aspects of the clip comes right before she is ushered into her cell. Behind her, we see a couple of other test subjects roughly around the same age. This implies that Laura isn’t the only one being experimented on, although whether the other kids are a part of the same tests to replicate Wolverine or not can’t be determined. But it’s possible they’re a part of the same project. She is called “X-23” after all, meaning she’s the 23rd attempt to make a Wolverine clone.It’s doubtful this is a Weapon X facility, since by now in the timeline (the movie takes place around 2030), the project wouldn’t exist anymore. Efforts had been made to bring the project back throughout the films, but with no success.However, the project that resulted in X-23 has some of the Weapon X team, including some of the original members from the comics. This includes Dr. Zander Rice (played by Richard E. Grant), who is the scientist in charge. In the comics, his father was killed by Wolverine when he escaped from Weapon X, which greatly impacted how he treated Kinney. He poisoned her at a young age to awaken her mutation. During the adamantium binding process, he didn’t use anesthesia, putting her through great pain.We know that the process was inhumane, causing her mother to break her out of the facility, which leads into the events of Logan. The titular character, now more like Old Man Logan, is off taking care of an ailing Charles Xavier when he gets roped into a job to help his clone.It’s unclear if we’ll see the rest of what happens in the video in the film, or if it’s just supplemental material, but either way, we’re excited to see what they do with X-23’s story.Logan hits theaters on March 3.last_img read more