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first_imgThe lack of support for education in the country is an age-old dilemma that has contributed immensely to the downward trend the sector has taken over the years. Now, there are strong indications that lawmakers are ready to dialogue with the Executive Branch of the government to commit the needed resources to fix the system.Sinoe County Senator, J. Milton Teahjay, a member of the Senate Committee on Education, has suggested that the government do away with what he calls “lip-service” and give more support to education through the budget process.Senator Teahjay said even though education is tied to the security of the state, very little attention, only lip-service, has been given to the sector from the government, insisting that such neglect must be corrected.The Sinoe Senator made the observation recently when the newly appointed Minister of Education, George K. Werner, along with his corps of officials took office.Describing Werner’s team as “very lucky” administrators that have come to the Ministry of Education (MOE), under the watchful eyes of Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, Senator Teahjay said “we the members of the Senate Committee on Education are determined to ensure that education will have the kind of support that it needs to go beyond the lip-service it has been getting over the years.”Teahjay went on to say that the greatest threat to the security of the state is illiteracy. “If our children are not educated, they will become vulnerable. Anybody can push a few thousands of dollars around and there will be noise here” Teahjay indicated.According to him, education, health and security will be the three most important priorities of the legislature and he and his legislative colleagues are determined to ensure that the national budget reflects those major priorities.Senator Jewel Taylor had earlier challenged the government to be real to education by committing the resources needed to change what has been described as “a mess” to “the best.”Senator Taylor said it was unacceptable for the MOE to be getting just 50 percent of what it actually needs in the national budget saying, “The government must remodel the budget for MOE to address the many challenges in the sector, which is associated with the future of our young people.”Senator Teahjay meanwhile said Liberians through the Legislature have signed up to the “good and strategic plan for education” designed by Minister Werner and his team. As such, it was important that the Werner team be given more time and support to perfect the country’s education system, he declared. “What we saw as a plan from Minister Werner is a plan that we all have signed up to and whoever becomes President in 2017, should be ready to continue with this team. Minister Werner has a very good vision and we don’t want people shaking up the education authorities of this country. We want them to stay here and achieve that vision” the tough talking Sinoe County Lawmaker said.For his part, Minister Werner named the lack of continuity in the leadership at the MOE as one of the major problems facing the education system of Liberia.Under the Ellen led administration, the MOE has had four Ministers starting with Dr. Joseph D. Z. Korto, and the age-old Othello Gongar before being replaced by the departing Etmonia David Tarpeh.Each of those ministers came with his and her own plans and sometimes refused to work with what they met in operation. But Minister Werner has vowed to build on the efforts of Etmonia Tarpeh to reform the system. “Much of the mess the President spoke of is in Transition and lack of continuity and my team and I will build on the successes of the team that has just left,” Werner assured.He said the schools are under attack in the areas of poverty, theft or corruption, conflicts (including arms conflict) and most recently the Ebola crisis.On theft or corruption, Minister Werner said “When text books intended for students are diverted for different use; when teachers are exchanging grades for sex; when young girls are dropping out of schools after being impregnated by their teachers, these are tantamount to stealing from the future of the country.”Much to the appreciation of the audience, Minister Werner took up time to talk about the quality of teachers in the Liberian school system and the need for better pay to make the sector more professional.“We cannot allow a high school graduate to teach a high school student” Mr. Werner said, in reference to a situation that is very prevalent in the system.It was time for the government to invest in Education and demand results, he stressed. According to him, the Ministry will work with the Legislature to ensure that those reforms take root. “George Werner might just be relatively unknown, but he has some very good and interesting ideas and he looks determined to make the education system work well,” a keen observer at the program told the Daily Observer.In the words of Senator Taylor, the government must now show “deeds not words” in its professed support to education, which will be crucial to any success that will be realized by the new team of Education bureaucrats.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgPPP 2020 presidential candidate …selection process to be fair, determined by Party’s Central CommitteeAny candidate who considers himself or herself a front runner for the post of presidential candidate for the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) at the upcoming 2020 elections could find themselves facing malicious, trumped up, or spurious charges for dubious offenses following directions handed down by the ruling APNU/AFC Coalition Government.This is the view expressed by Opposition Leader and PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo as he responded to questions raised by the media in regard to the likelihood of the next PPP Presidential candidate being singled out for charges.“I won’t put it past them…They can charge anyone, make up any charge,” Jagdeo responded, as he said the party’s Central Executive Committee (CC) would have to decide on the way forward if such a situation were to arise, and it would cross that bridge if and when the time comes.His comments come at a time when the Government has been accused of utilising several independent agencies, including the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU), State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA), the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and senior persons at various levels to achieve political objectives by charging and arresting former PPP MPs, ministers, and other professionals perceived to be PPP.Jagdeo refused to endorse any candidate or state whom he supports or favours for the post, as he said it would be unethical for him to do so publicly and prematurely, as there is a process to be followed internally.He also said he would not be inclined to make any such pronouncements publicly, as these are sensitive matters which must be thoroughly determined and debated internally by the PPP and its leaders.The PPP General Secretary avoided the temptation of also stating whether or not he felt there was anything wrong with people declaring their candidacy in the public, but he did say that careful attention has to be placed on how this is done, and what is said as well as the timeliness of any pronouncements.Jagdeo insisted that while everyone would have an opportunity to make their case to the party’s executive following the determination of the process to be followed, candidates should be mindful of the statements they make about other would-be competitors, and exactly how much they are willing to divulge to the public to suit the partisan agendas of others, including those anti-PPP elements.He said the PPP’s Central Executive would be tasked with finding the suitably qualified and experienced candidates to consider for the top post, and not him individually.“People have an interest in personalising these things, so it seems like I am telling people to toe a particular line,” he said as he warned that his job as GS was merely to state what the PPP position is on particular issues.“Every candidate will have an opportunity pursuant to that process to make their claim or to pursue…their ambitions”, Jagdeo said sternly.He made it clear that he was not against anyone declaring an interest in the job, but he argued even more cautiously that respect must be shown for whatever selection process is agreed upon.The former president has said he does not want to say whether he prefers someone who is from the ‘new or old school’ PPP, but he insisted that his track record and fluid support for youths at every level of the party’s leadership is clear.“My record as president saw the youngest Cabinet in the history of Guyana; and as General Secretary, saw the youngest Central Committee and Executive Committee in the history of the PPP”, he reminded media operatives.Jagdeo also explained that he was in favour of all young people accessing opportunities, as he called on all Guyanese to show decorum and civility in the comments that they are making about public officials and those who aspire to high office.He maintained that the next PPP presidential candidate must also be someone who has the right temperament and qualities to lead the next Government, as he exuded confidence that the PPP will be victorious at the 2020 elections. (Michael Younge)last_img read more